Every athlete has control over one thing:

You can’t always control the bounces, the breaks or the conditions, but you can always control how you react to them. Mental Fitness is essential to your success, both in sport and in life.

'Get your head in the game'


Get Your Head In The Game:
Mental Fitness Training for Hockey Coaches

Be the best coach you can be. Valuable information supporting the need for Mental Fitness Training in sport. This unique step-by-step outline walks coaches through how to speak to their athletes and how to think and act in order to gain the best possible results. Key concepts include: The “Think Different” principle - what it is and why it’s so important; the value of positive reinforcement, confidence, and gratitude; how to best deal with adversity. Teach players how to visualize and believe in themselves and trust in the results. Keep kids in the game longer and give them a positive experience and insightful perspective that they can use in all aspects of their lives. It all starts with you, the coach.


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What We Do

Timeout Coach trains athletes, former athletes, coaches and parents to develop new habitual thinking patterns to focus on desired success. We’re a result’s oriented, Mental Fitness Training organization that believes success stems from passion and desire. We provide the tools that allow you to grow—both in and outside your sport.


“Get Your Head In The Game"

What We Teach

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Head Coach


Mike brings extensive hockey experience, coaching and leadership skills as well as Law of Attraction success coaching certification to each of his clients. Mike also draws on his 25 years of Marketing and advertising experience to assist with the understanding and importance of building your own personal brand.

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Mental Fitness and strength are essential to the success of every athlete…
time to Get Your Head In The Game