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"Some coaches create an environment that just sucks the fun out of the game for many young players. As a result, you see them dropping out of the game way too soon. That's why I like Mike White's approach – it puts the emphasis back on the coaches and helps them realize just how much influence they have on the young players of today. I also like Mike's idea of thinking different; that we can each affect our own outcome by focussing on our own thoughts and our own actions. And this message is powerful not just for hockey, but also for pretty much every aspect of your life. We all need a little positivity in our lives these days and who knew you could actually train yourself to think different?


I say, get every hockey coach in every association across North America to read this; it'll change their experience and, most importantly, improve the experience of their players. After all, they're our future and we owe it to them to give our best in order to make a positive difference in their lives."


Phil Esposito 7

HOF 1984




"'Get your head in the Game', is an outstanding tool to better yourself as a coach and a person. You still have to learn the game, but how you carry yourself everyday, how you react to things, matter. It's not about putting kids in the NHL, it's about putting kids in a better position to succeed in life and isn't that what everyone wants."


Jack Valiquette

former NHL player and parent




"I think this could be a great tool for not only coaches (goodness knows they all need it) :) but for many facets of our society. I really think you are onto something critical for the advancement of any individual who is serious about becoming a professional, whether it be an athlete, coach or any path chosen.


Congratulations on a much needed topic as I've experienced much of what is in your book and think this could be a great read and education for all."


Gary Leeman

former NHL player


Mental Fitness and strength are essential to the success of every athlete…
time to Get Your Head In The Game